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Tetraflex accommodating iol guide, cataract Surgery with Crystalens - My Experience

It is most obvious on surprise! Keller took a close look at my eyes today and said just some detached vitreous - nothing abnormal. Note that in bright outdoor light, close-in vision improves, but this is due to increased depth-of-field from constricted pupils.

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Keller said everything looked good and was healing well - always nice to hear that. He also saw some floaters in the right eye, although the left is much more noticeable to me. On a positive note, I still think it's cool I can see the alarm clock in the morning and the Colorado mountains and the world in general certainly looks better with sharp distance vision!

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The other approach is Accommodating Lens which uses the eye's own Ciliary Muscles which focus your natural lens to change focus. Another peculiarity is that the world is not only brighter and more vivid, dating students after graduation but larger.

Just before being patched up, I could look out that eye and while the ceiling artwork looked very dim Dr. Unfortunately, I did have a complication in the form of a vitreous floater. It sloshes back-n-forth most notably when moving my eye left-right-left. But I analyze my vision more than most and one has to be realistic in their expectations.

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Half an hour out of surgery, my wife had picked me up and we were heading for lunch - Smashburger again - yea! Interesting enough to me at least! People often ask how much does Cataract Surgery cost? Keller of Boulder Eye Surgeons ironically our neighbor across the street and she had excellent results.

My son had an eye appointment with Dr. So what did I decide to do? While a bit annoying, floaters are common as you get older. You can also do that approach by just closing your eyes and looking up at the sky obscuring one eye and then the other and you can see some stuff floating around. Even with best correction, the cataract impairs the vision and causes all sort of visual aberrations beyond just blurriness due to the cloudy lens.

There also seems to be a reduction in peripheral vision which I presume is due to reduced visual acuity. So I don't seem to be getting much actual flexure from the Cystalens. By happy coincidence, my Mom is visiting Boulder, Colorado then, so for the first operation, it will be nice to have her around to help. They are much less noticeable with the right eye.

Cataract Surgery with Crystalens - My Experience