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This configuration prevents the acquisition by the hydrogen molecule of a net magnetic polarity, thus avoiding the inconsistency of quantum chemistry of Fig. Thus, the current description of molecular structures according to quantum chemistry misses the equivalent of the strong force in nuclear structures. Computer calculations in chemistry are known to require up to months of continuous running time, despite the use of the most modern possible computers. In essence, isochemistry has permitted the construction of a new model of molecular structure, known under the name of Santilli-Shillady isochemical model of molecular bonds. Radiocarbon dating, which is probably best known in the general public, works only on things that were once alive and are now dead.

This implies the production of a total net magnetic polarity in the hydrogen molecule that is in dramatic disagreement with experimental evidence. Radiometric methods measure the time elapsed since the particular radiometric clock was reset. By comparison, the unit is the fundamental invariant of any theory, thus assuring the invariance of the numerical results, again, when the mathematical elaboration of the theory is properly lifted.

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But they didn't know how old. The sole force fields in the atomic structure studied by chemists prior to Refs.

Other possible origin for the bond of the new chemical species must be eliminated due to known insufficiencies. These measurements should then be compared with known standards, and the information should then be propagated to the public.

In fact, the interactions originate from the extended character of wavepackets or charge distributions and, as such, they have no connection with point charges, or other electric effect. Moreover, the classical average of currently assumed, bonding forces implies an identically null force between different atoms, as anybody can verify. The fundamental representation is the locally varying character of the speed of light within physical media, as established in our environment such as the refraction of light.

Note that, once the magnecule has been formed, it is stable at ordinary conditions because of the high value of the magnetic forces at the small inter-atomic distances of the bond. The above unreassuring scenario re-affirms the need for new clean fuels, that is, new free canada dating site fuels not permitted by quantum chemistry by their very definition Part I.

After the exclusion of volcanic, asteroid, or other origin, lightning emerges as the most plausible process synthesizing nitrogen from carbon plus deuteron or carbon plus protons and electrons. In summary, a current of paired electrons in singlet couplings has an efficiency necessarily bigger than that of a current constituted by individual electrons. The above model of magnecules can be represented as follows. Hadronic mechanics was subsequently developed by numerous mathematicians, theoreticians, and experimentalists, and has now reached operational maturity for applications in the industry. The resulting new knowledge is applied to new means for the recycling of highly radioactive nuclear waste, via its stimulated decay.

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In turn, these means are deeply linked to molecular models, as indicated in the next section. Current orbital theories use an arbitrary number of electrons in their correlations, while experimental evidence establishes that correlation only occurs for electron pairs. This is the historical reason that demanded the additional introduction in nuclear physics of strong forces.

This is a clear indication of the insufficiency of the theory, rather than of the computer. It was proved a century ago that these fields can only produce valence bonds, thus explaining the reason why the notion of molecules was the only one admitted for about two centuries. It's easy to assert that radiometric methods don't work, but it's quite another thing to prove it. Particular attention is provided to the origin of thunder. These studies produced the contemporary notion of molecules and of its underlying valence.

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The forces currently assumed in molecular bonds the exchange, van der Waals, and other forces were conceived for nuclear structures, in which field they are known to be weak. Santilli called the new species magnecules to denote the magnetic nature of their origination and bond, and to distinguish them from molecules holding for conventional valance bonds. This is achieves via power series that converge much faster than those of quantum chemistry. Note also that the interactions of this figure hold particularly for point-like charges, such as for the electrons. The new structure models with ordinary physical constituents are at the foundation of new, clean energies of Class I.

In this sense, hadronic superconductivity is indeed a real covering of quantum superconductivity. An outline of this monograph is important for an understanding of the new clean, over-unity, fuels and energies.

Moreover, it is known that the distribution in space of electron orbits can be controlled via the use of external magnetic fields. In turn, these new bonds have permitted the construction of new structure models of hadrons, nuclei, and molecules outlined in Ref. Far from being a presentation of vague academic character, and as stated beginning with Part I, the primary objective of the monograph is strictly pragmatical-concrete-industrial. The related experimental verification by Gr.

Such a molecular model is similar to that of planets in certain binary stars. Once two valence electrons are bonded into the singlet isoelectronium, they become a Boson and, as such, reject the bonding of any additional electron that is a Fermion. But I put them all in anyway, figuring some readers would understand one more easily than the other. The upper view shows an H-molecule in its conventional spherical state. Note also that the elementary magnecule is considered here at absolute zero degree Kelvin and in the absence of any motion.

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Numerous Hadronic Reactors under Patent Pending are then outlined. Similarly, the electric polarization of atoms i.

Castle Learning Chemistry Table E

Subsequently, the research was continued under financial support by Hadronic Press, Inc. The lower view shows the polarization of the orbit of the valence electrons in a plane actually within a toroid.

The argument from radiometriic dating is the strongest scientific argument that can be brought to bear on this issue, in my opinion. The currently used bonding forces of nuclear type were conceived for an arbitrary number of constituents, as an evident necessary condition to have meaning for nuclei.