Hostel hookup stories, this one time while in a hostel

After a short argument, which she lost, we were able to sleep in darkness and silence. The paperwork had my number on it, so after she left I got a call. The bar we arranged to meet at was closed to we went to an alternative hotel lobby which was too well lit and lacked atmosphere. Otherwise, ansel great as always.

  • Moreover, at the same hostel in Prague, everyone in my dorm could all hear two people trying to have sex.
  • Erik filled me up completely.
  • When it was time fit me to go shower I grabbed my bag and when I got to the door I turned and looked at her, smiled, made a you coming head motion and went in leaving the door slightly open.

One of my duties in the hostel was to make sure that everyone checks out on time, so that new people can arrive and check in. At a hostel in Boulder, Colorado, this guy kept talking in his sleep about the people trying to get him. In a hostel in Portobelo, Panama, I awoke to an old guy snoring in the bed across from me. How did you feel about them before the hookup? Do you regret this hookup?

Hostel Hookup

In Valencia, a guy accused the hostel staff of stealing his wallet, got drunk, tried to fight the desk guy, and was summarily ejected from the hostel. The best thing was the spontaneity. She was very professional as I sat there with no pants and no shirt. Half way there she dragged me down into the grass and we had sex right there on a patch of grass in the middle of a neighborhood.

It was extremely hot and out of my comfort zone. Called the next day and left a message. After our previous hook up we had planned to meet up again but it never eventuated. She then proceeded to talk to her friend all night. Cheers and keep on traveling.

Hostel Hookup - The Casual Sex Project

Hostel Hookup

The worst was that it was all too quick. How do you feel about them now? Visit the community forum to ask questions, get answers, meet people, and share your tips! She left crying, and the Americans and Canadian almost got in a fight.

Hotel Hookup - The Casual Sex Project

Erik was fully dressed and both Henry and Alex still had their jeans on. We sat for a while and drank more dark Mongolian beer until the German expat that was sharing the room with me showed up. How did you feel about it? He entered me with my legs closed together which felt great too. The sex was very weird, I repeatedly called him Viking, and when he tried to tell me his name afterwards I ordered him to shut up, to me he is only Viking.

44 Of The Craziest Random (But True) Hookup Stories You ve Ever Heard
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One of the other roommates proceeded to unplug her light. My dick simply ended up in her mouth and I had no time to think. So, alt dating app into the backseat of my week-old car and had our way together. You have a life time ahead of you.

She asked where I was going, I told her my house seeing as I lost my friends, she said she was coming with. My friends and I hid beneath our blankets and started chatting quietly. Mostly heterosexual How many sexual partners have you had in your life including oral sex? We checked to make sure each other were alright, after which I apologized. It will be here before you know it.

This One Time While in a Hostel
  1. Always pay the hosting renewals for your blog for this post alone.
  2. It felt good to be with someone different.
  3. Over a few beers the dude and I spent hours snogging in the hostel pool, snogging on numerous hostel terraces, on the couch, by the pool table etc.
  4. She asks me to show her, so we go to my room.
  5. We walked to his car and he kissed me hard against the door and was rubbing his hands between my legs.

They are often the best travel tales. She took the treadmill next to me and just kept looking at me every out of the corner of her eye. Other than one brief incident in Timbuktu, there was no space for sex on that journey. How well did you know them, had you hooked up before? It was the only time I was genuinely scared of a dorm mate.

Want to share your tips and advice? We snapchat and are follow each other on instagram. The other, Henry, was tall and in decent shape.

Travelettes Awkward hostel sex stories from our readers

Maybe the story of that condom belongs to one of the other Travelettes! The next day, the Korean left very early in the morning. Until I decided it was time for bed and, after confirming my roommate was sleeping, free dating invited the dude to cuddle with me.

The guy left the next day. They looked at me but just kept going. We were waiting at a stop light and these two guys in a truck next to my car at a stop light.

Has this hookup changed the way you think about casual sex, sexuality, or yourself in general? God I love hostels and these kinds of stories are exactly why. Short, fun stories without the typical bla-bla around, I like that! Someone recently told me I must have a lot of funny, weird, happy, and interesting hostel stories. She gave a pretty amazing blowjob.

Hotel Hookup

The owner welcomed him too and got on his phone to ring up another friend. She definitely played me but the hand prints on her ass are probably still there today. He pulled out to ejaculate.

Well, without moving around too much and avoiding to make too much noise. He mumbled under his breath all day too. Omg this was so funny yet horrifying to read. Erik fucked me for a long time. He fucked me in the missionary position while Erik and Alex put their penises near my face, and I continued to give them head and play with them.

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After they got hard, they laid me down on the bed, slid my panties off, and took turns fingering me and going down on me, while I sucked their cocks. Ready for Something Different? The time in New Zealand when an Israeli girl refused to shut off her bed light because she was afraid of the dark.

Awkward hostel sex stories from our readers

Looking at the bed opposite mine, I could have stopped him, I could have said no. Thank god I was woken up a few hours later with her hands all over me and I finally got the hint. She then went to my room, I followed, alpha m internet and we fucked. She threw up all over the common room and was forced to clean it up! We went to a club in the Old City of Dubrovnik.

She opted to head into the dawn with her friend and was too afraid to show her face in our room for the rest of our stay. After picking up a bottle of vodka, we all went back to the hostel for a night cap. Turns out in my drunken state I wrote down the number incorrectly and it was some random girl.

Hostel stories
Hostel hookup stories

This One Time While in a Hostel

He shrugged and kept eating breakfast. Back in my undergrad, I moved into a student house since it was close to campus and the rent was cheap. We were playing strip poker, and since I was pretty terrible at it, I was soon wearing only my underwear.

We worked together but in different state offices. After finishing up I flung the door open, which hit something and ricocheted back thwap -ing me in the forehead. How did you feel during it? Notify me of new posts by email.

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