Hook up sprayer to toilet, add a shower to your toilet

Did you make this project? But it has a few other uses too. This project is not one of my original ideas.

Add a Shower to Your Toilet

Hook up sprayer to toilet
Hook up sprayer to toilet

Sure, you could use paper towels or wipes or something to get the chunks off, but that's a waste of resources and it takes too long and it's smelly and gross. If you've made it to the first step you must be a parent, or plan to be. My hose actually had another adapter - seal this junction with plumber's tape as well, if there is one. The check valve is just an added precaution, and in some areas is required per health code or building code.

And all parts are easily removable so they can be replaced, if needed, one piece at a time instead of replacing the whole system. Also over here only the left hand is used for such purpose. Would you please send us the detail of the parts you used?

Hook up sprayer to toilet

Add a Shower to Your Toilet 4 Steps (with Pictures)

Luckily I was right there and could turn off the toilet valve. Make sure to use some though, because not using it could result in leaks! Your result is much cleaner-looking than mine. Participated in the Epilog Challenge View Contest.

Hook up sprayer to toilet

It's a back-flow prevention valve. As for tools, I just used two different sized crescent wrenches and some vice-grip locking pliers. Instead of sending pounds and pounds of soiled diapers to the dump every week, we simply wash the diapers in the washing machine. This setup might seem complicated, but it's really easy to put together. They're all nasty to clean up.

Step 1 Well Let s Get Started

Green guacamole poops are the worst. Grab the splice you created in the previous step, and screw it onto the output of the valve. Now, turn on the valve for the sprayer and again check for leaks. And also it may be required by your local household building codes depending on where you live.

The option of removing the whole sprayer system to move it to a different toilet. It can also be as a bidet, which is a sprayer for cleaning your unmentionable body parts off after using the toilet. When the diaper is rinsed off, plop it in a bucket with all the other rinsed diapers.

And of course, check every fitting and connection for leaks, dating and tighten things as necessary. Geode Painted UpCycled Chairs. Now it's time to use the plumber's tape.

That might explain why I couldn't find it as I searched the bins for an hour! Disposable diapers are very hard on the environment. Simply hold the poopy diaper inside the toilet bowl and spray it off. Teflon tape won't really help at all because if water leaks through the seal of the rubber ring, the water will just leak out the other end of the nut. Locate the short piece of flexible hose that carries water from the valve to the toilet.

The sprayer can be used to wash the larger chunks of poop into the toilet, where they can be flushed away. You may want to wear gloves, but I don't. Be careful not to damage the threading on the outlet of the supply valve. However, you can't just dump the dirty diaper directly into the machine! It help make everything a bit neater, and you won't trip over the hose when you stumble half asleep into the bathroom in the morning.

Step 1 Well Let s Get Started
  • If you have a toddler, they will almost definitely find the hose and try to use it.
  • Im interested in backflow prevention, couldnt figure out a good solution for that.
  • You have to clean off the majority of the solid waste before it goes into the laundry.
  • It's more sanitary to wash it into the toilet than into the shower drain eww!
  • Flush the poops down the toilet, and rinse off the sprayer head in the sink.

You do not need teflon tape on the connections of the flexible supply lines because they seal using a rubber piece. Gel Polish Like a Pro at Home. Zero modification, dating bald guys and it works great! Just make sure you get one that is long enough.

Because if I win, I will be donating the laser cutter to the fledgling Maker group starting up in my city. In plumbing the two most used tools are the adjustable wrench crescent wrench and channel locking plyers channel locks both in different sizes as appropriate. What we're going to do is splice a hand-held kitchen sprayer into the water line that feeds the toilet. Perhaps it could be found online at McMaster, or the like.

How to Install a Sprayer to Your Toilet to Clean Cloth Diapers

Double check every threaded connection to make sure there are no leaks, and tighten as necessary. Unfortunately, these are somewhat expensive and complicated to install. The order of how everything is connected isn't strictly important, as long as the check valve is installed in the correct direction of water flow. Grab the sprayer handle and spray some water into the toilet bowl to make sure there is correct water flow.

Bathroom Water Sprayer / Bidet

Step 2 First Check Your Water Supply Line

  1. Now screw the hose from the toilet onto the top of the T junction.
  2. And my next instructable will be for something more interesting.
  3. Make sure that all included O rings and washers are in place in the sprayer handle where it connects to the sprayer hose.
  4. You might want some way to hang the sprayer handle on the wall so that the hose isn't just dangling on the floor.
  5. Using the sprayer is pretty straight-forward.
Hook up sprayer to toilet

In fact, it may be a legal requirement where you live. If you can rig up the splice using less parts, then do so! With a rag under the valve, unscrew the hose from the valve and allow any remaining water in the hose to drain out. It's for washing poop off a cloth diaper, utah not from your bum.

Hook up sprayer to toilet

It looks like you found a more efficient way of connecting the hoses together. You can use almost anything as a hanger. In response to fecal contamination, simply instal a one way valve to eliminate back flow. For anyone reading this, the ferrule is the small bit that fits in the hose, when you tighten down the nut, it clamps down on the hose and ferrule, providing a strong seal. If everything is connected properly, positive things about there should be a pretty powerful spray from the sprayer handle.

Make sure it's good and tight. Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but I would typically just hold the poopy diaper insert in the toilet water and flush, keeping my hands out of the water, obviously. Take one of the nuts and slide it onto the end of the short piece of tubing. The diaper can then be put into the wash. If you're not sure what these parts are, look closely at the pictures.

However, it got me spooked about putting on a fresh length of tubing and new compression fittings. For those who have never had to change a baby poop, it ranges in texture from a thin paste to a solid lump. Always aim downward, and work from the top to the bottom. First thing you need to do is look at the water supply line that connects from the shutoff valve on the pipe coming out of the wall or floor to the toilet water tank.

You'll probably want to add a hook somewhere for the sprayer. With everything hooked up, turn on the main valve that comes out of the wall. How to Stain a Fence With a Sprayer. Some people also suggest that shutting the ball valve will prevent the sprayer from leaking. Then, use a wrench and carefully loosen the toilet water supply hose fitting from the water supply shutoff valve.

Step 1 Parts and Tools

If it is the stiff plastic type, you'll need to replace it with a flexible hose. Compression fittings don't need plumber's tape, so screw the valve directly on to the short end of the T junction. Check to make sure there aren't any leaks.

Step 2 Assembly - Part 1

Bathroom Water Sprayer / Bidet 6 Steps

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