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Fit me foundation review uk dating, maybelline Fit Me Matte Foundation Review

Overall I have to say I have been really loving this foundation. If you have oily skin, I would suggest totally passing on this one, as it will not last on you very long.

The glass bottle does not have a pump, so I am quite glad we have it in a tube. Not impressed with the shade range, is a bit too dark and orangey for my skin even though it was suppose to be suitable for yellow undertones. The shade I chose was Classic Ivory.

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It is not too thick and doesn't feel heavy on the skin. What I love even more about it is that even when I get oily after however many hours, my skin looks like it has a healthy glow! The foundation again lasted until bedtime.

So I was really hoping this time that I wouldn't experience any hassles. For a very natural finish, choose a shade of foundation closest to your skin tone.

Anyways, on to the review! We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.

While touching up the foundation, use a dabbing motion, do not drag the brush or it may make the makeup look uneven. If this gave better coverage I think it would definitely be my favourite drugstore foundation. This foundation was easy to apply and blend and felt like silk once set.

Staying power is quite decent. This is the first time I have used their products and definitely will be the last time. Which moves us onto texture, the texture of Fit Me is very emollient and creamy, it's thick-ish but fluid enough to run down your hand.

Natural coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be fresh, breathing, natural. Recently, I've bought it and it have my eyes and face very irritated with rash and gives and burning. Honestly, this is one of the best blendable drugstore foundation in the Indian market right now.

It makes the skin look very even toned but does not really hide any medium-deep scars or marks. Surprise Surprise, when I got to the Walmart display on the first day of the sale I noticed that the colour I wanted was sold out, so I picked up with regret, but really wanted to try this out.

Reminds me of my Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation however it didn't go over my dry spots and bumps very well at all. If you have normal skin, you probably don't need the extra coverage since the foundation itself already mattifies your skin. And lastly, to show some colour comparisons with my other current foundations. It is buildable however I would rather use another foundation if I want a complete coverage than layering the product on and on for building coverage. More than anything I feel this foundation only works for certain skin types, donnie wahlberg dating now that being dry.

Limited shades launched in India. Because I really feel companies must start launching their complete ranges in India. Here is a swatch, the texture is very nice, light yet pretty opaque and not runny at all. And in order to have launched the foundation range this October in South Africa, it would have been in the works for many months. Pricing and shipping may differ so make sure you look around and decide if it's actually worth it!

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review

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Shades do not look ashy or anything, all shades have a natural finish. This is probably the least oiliest I've looked from a foundation.

It feels very light on the skin, like a tinted moisturizer, and blends very well. For the ladies who may be oiler, you may want to powder the areas of concern.

Not very sheer, neither very opaque. Skin that shows its fabulous best. One of the best blendable drugstore foundation available in India right now. This has been the foundation I go to for an all day affair, or a night out. This can last a decent time on me when I set my whole face, I can also use my Avon Setting spray as a primer like the Smashbox one and this technique will make it more durable.

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Have you tried this foundation? It does dry fast so I have to be quick when I apply this foundation. Exclusive translucent base and lightweight pigments allow skin's natural highs and lows to show through. It blends easily and covers decently.

The second morning, I used moisturizer after cleansing and primer before foundation. The powder compact comes with a cute sponge and mirror that I probably won't use, but I do use the storage space to hold my falsies hehe.

Overall, after testing it for a few days I didn't notice any breakouts, but I will update here if it does affect my skin. No oils, no waxes, no nonsense. Gives a lovely matte finish on the skin with light to medium coverage. It has a soft, moderate, creamy consistency with a smooth texture.

Oily combination skin beauties will need touch ups every few hours because the T-zone starts getting oily after a while. The one thing I dislike is that there is no pump, so what I do is I pour out some product on the back of my hand, and apply it with my Beauty Blender. Coverage-wise I think you can get between a medium to slightly full coverage with this, though if you have severe blemishes to cover you may have to use a concealer too. If you do need to hide some marks like that, I suggest using a concealer. If I don't set it after a few hours my natural oils will start to seep out and I'll start to look a bit greasy and it'd have faded in areas.

Skip the powder and maybe only use it for touch-ups throughout the day. It does everything what a daily wear foundation is supposed to do however if you are someone who likes light coverage then you can pull this off at events or parties too. Shade range covers a wide spectrum of skin shades. This foundation has too many cons and does require extra work which ultimately puts me off from using it.