Carbon dating puma punku, the non-mystery of pumapunku

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Old Maps Expeditions and Explorations Puma Punku

If they were then obviously a flood or something happened, that wiped out their civilization along with their knowledge and writings. Since these are not present, then the fortress was abandoned, and destroyed by whoever occupied this building. These ancient people had to have been very sophisticated, knowing astronomy, geomancy, dating someone not ready and mathematics.

Ancient Mysteries Puma Punku in Tiahuanaco Bolivia

God made us in his image they made us who we are. So human who were bigger or taller than the average human being is possible. We by no means live in a large galaxy. Ancient Aliens starts off with a false dilemma by making people think that it was absolutely impossible for ancient people to construct Pumapunku, even to the point of making outright false claims.

Puma Punku This Ancient Andean Site Keeps Everyone Guessing

It looks to me like a generic quadruped. This is as legit as it goes. Should be skeletons with missing fingers. All i prophecied in the Bible.

  • An example of high-precision small holes.
  • Only a speck in the history as we know it.
  • The wooden roller theory falls by the wayside.
  • At its peak the Tiwanaku culture dominated the entire Lake Titicaca basin as well as portions of Bolivia and Chile.
Ancient Origins

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We must look to the past in order to go forward! These folks are reverse engineering the Universe - less than chance of getting it correct. Maps have been found that would seem to support this theory. Unfortunately we will come to expect this kind of thing from Von Daniken as we progress. Is Mother Nature just another word for God?

One can not live in the past without looking into the future at what lies in front of mankind. Not even a razor blade can slide between the rocks. What's always fascinated me is why in the world you want to build such difficult works?

What are we missing when we look at Puma Punku? All of the other tools and equipment and building sites, oh, and that lost civilization. In the face of that it's frustrating that there is not a more open discussion of such possibilities.

What happened to Puma Punku Did a cataclysmic event destroy

Google provides ad serving technology and runs an ad network. The second rock used was dolomite not diorite. Now, back in the ancient days, could it be possible with their archaic tools and templates?

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The Non-Mystery of Pumapunku

The construction, and destruction, of the site does. Does anyone travel five miles to a hoping the product selection might be different than the down the street. In other words, the stones were pulled down and hauled off by locals for building material.

Estimated to be years old from carbon dating which ties it with Puma Punku for oldest. Carbon dating only works on organic matter, which is where carbon is found. Modern radio carbon dating suggests that the Kalasasaya might date to.

Simply say that you don't know, instead of invoking aliens. This could have taken place anywhere from b. However, when you look at a picture of what's claimed to be the elephantthis becomes less surprising. Any place life can exist, it will exist.

We are like lab mice, once we are gone they will chuck some more humans down here then start the wheel again. Well, if Pumapunku is considered such good evidence for the Ancient Astronaut theory, we should probably start by looking at it. Posnansky was an arecheologist and researcher who spent many decades on the site. Ancient Code Community Compose.

We believe our ancestors were stronger and smarter coz human blood was purer and sin was not rampant. However, dating sites for there are no records of this work. Legends state that the first inhabitants had supernatural powers and were able to move stones from the ground and carry them through the air using sounds. Watching a piece on this place on the History Channel even as we speak.

Weight against weight - strength for strength. But no matter what propulsion they use they will need some energy source, be it nuclear, a star trek type powerful crystal. Civilizations like the Assyrians, ancient Egyptians, the Maya, the Indus Valley peoples, and many others the world over were, if true, the second wave of civilizations, not the first. The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts.

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When Was Puma Punku Built Controversial Dates

Isbell of the University of Illinois are inaccurate and provide an unreliable date range. This mysterious ancient site remains as one of the most enigmatic archaeological complexes ever discovered on the planet. With that in mind I really don't see why this is regarded by mainstream archaeologists as implausible.

Ancient Code

More advanced cultures have had time to identify and develop the technology to visit interesting planets across the galaxy. Who knows, with intense excavations we might find all the materials we talk about under some ancient mud flow or earthquake. It is known by archeological evidence that civilizations rise and fall for many reasons. They either have warp drive capabilites or can get around Einsteins laws of physics related to the speed of light, via worm holes or something we have not yet discovered. There is also unmistakable evidence of stone hammers having been used in the places that were never meant to be visible, like where certain stones would be connected with one another.

Puma Punku - traces of advanced technology in ancient ruins

  1. At least, this is what it's called on the paranormal web pages, which make up the overwhelming bulk of Pumapunku information on the Internet.
  2. They are considered a source of spiritual energy linking the person to our heavenly brethren.
  3. Maybe we already have a advanced civilisation but we are not on the guest list.
  4. To anyone doing even the most basic research or visiting the area, it's a fairly bizarre assertion, considering that Pumapunku was in the middle of a vast farming nation ofpeople.

Cosmogenic Dating Of Puma Punku. Researchers have worked to determine the age of the Pumapunku complex since the discovery of the Tiwanaku site. The Tiwanaku people who inhabited Puma Punku were polytheistic and had a special focus on agriculturally-themed gods. Stone blocks at Puma Punku, Bolivia. Some articles have Vimeo videos embedded in them.

For one thing people tend to live in the same places - over and over and over again. The stones are of mammoth proportion. How much art destroyed just for the gold or silver it contains? The Earth has moved quite a bit for this change to occur. Or a product of an alien agenda on Earth?

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